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Combining her L.A. sense of fashion and Hollywood lifestyle all the while embracing her Middle Eastern heritage, Lucy Samuelian brings both worlds together to establish a diverse look few can create. Living out her life long dream, Lucy knew from a very young age that she wanted to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. Strongly influenced by her family’s Middle Eastern background, she found her niche with bold patterns, heavy accessorizing, and intricate details. Now a successful stylist with over 21 years of experience, she recalls dressing her sisters, cousins, and friends when she was merely 19 years old.

Samuelian sets herself apart as one of the few well-known Armenian stylists by embracing her culture and pulling inspiration from her global adventures, especially her trips to Paris and Dubai. Playing dress up with her mother’s jewelry and high heels throughout her childhood set the platform for her sense of style to come. Lucy recalls her time studying product development at F.I.D.M and being one of the only people there with a discernible cultural influence when it came to personal style. While she was living in Miami and getting her certification from the Sterling Style Academy her style transformed into a mold of trendy, sexy, and very dramatic, but never forgetting her favorite pieces such as her vintage Hermés shoes and Louis Vuitton purses.

What sets Lucy apart is the strong bond she forms with her clients and the relationship she builds during every styling session. Lucy’s process begins with an introductory closet assessment that allows her to evaluate the person her client has been, thus having a better idea as who the client wants to be. Lucy has a knack for befriending her clients and making people feel comfortable and confident in the way they look and feel. Whether it’s business, casual, or an event, Lucy is capable of creating the image someone has always wanted for themselves, and transforming people’s lives through fashion and styling. She loves traveling and finding limited edition and unique vintage pieces that she can integrate into people’s outfits. Lucy thrives off finding dramatic one-of-a-kind items that she can mix into her clients’ day-to-day style.

Lucy’s clientele are as diverse as her outfits, she styles everyone from celebrities, to business professionals, to people that need an update for their day-to-day style. She recently styled Sawsan Al Sayed, who was Miss Lebanon in 1984, during a business trip to Lebanon for an interview on Sawsan’s talk show, Malikat, on Hiya TV with over 100 million viewers. During that time she also interviewed with radio talk show host Maral Harboyan on the Voice of Van show. She styles some of L.A.’s biggest names including jewelry designer Jacqueline Nerguizian from JN Jewels and photographer Michael Franco. She has also collaborated with Jacqueline Nerguizian and Michael Costello on their latest project; a black diamond detailed evening gown, for which she styled accessories. One of her most recent highlights includes an interview with MBC’s Raffi Boghosian, one of the youngest TV hosts in the Middle East, with over 300 million viewers. Her traveling schedule has become increasingly more hectic as she splits up her time between Hollywood and the Middle East and the challenge arises of balancing out red carpet events, photo shoots, and personal styling meetings.

Stay tuned for the launch of Lucy Samuelian’s website, in the meantime follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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