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"Lucy Samuelian international stylist extraordinaire has traveled the world from the Middle East to the Mediterranean countries to the runways of Paris, exclusively and has seen it all. She can bring a vast array of styles, layers of colors from all over the world and pulls altogether and amazing array style. Lucy stylist has been on television she's worked on music videos and of course top fashion magazines. She's your go to girl for any type of event. Because of her vast experience she can create a look that I would have never considered. She knows how to enhance the glamorous attributes of awoman and makes them beautiful in the end. "

~ Jacqueline Nerquizian (Celebrity Jeweler)

"With an impeccable eye for style and an unequivocal creative vision, Lucy Samuelian works with you to create your own unique personal style. Her styling services help you develop a look that conveys your personality, flatters your body type and in turn boosts your confidence. Let Lucy Samuelian educate and guide you to finding your personal style. "

~ Flora Mekari

"Lucy is one of the most talented stylists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has incredible taste, is passionate, and always professional. Lucy and I have collaborated on a number of editorial shoots and her unique vision has played a crucial role in ensuring a stunning result. "

~ Natalia Barulich (Model/Actress)

"The moment I met Lucy I knew she had something special to deliver, something unique to add to the creative canvas. Working with Lucy was effortless...I gave her the creative vision and she implemented with an uncanny ability to bring pieces of style that not just fit in or what was expected but rather provided another dimension, filling out the vision in its entirety. That's what Lucy's designs and styling bring to the table. A true dream warrior!"

~Laurieann Gibson (Singer/Choreographer)

"Fashion is synonymous with class, having the latest wardrobe can do very little if u don’t have class. It cud be high-end or high-street, what makes all the difference is how u carry yourself. A good personality combined with a good wardrobe is perhaps the best combination a woman can ever have"

~ Prerna Subba

"Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality. As a news anchor with more than 14 years of experience the image I want to portray is someone who is credible and who people trust for their news. I am proud to work with fashion stylist Lucy Samuelian. As creative fashion stylist she knows how to accentuate the positive sides of the people she dress. And the important thing is she has extensive knowledge of the fashion industry. I look forward to working with her. "

~ Armine Amiryan (Reporter at USArmenia)

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. First appearances make an impression. Lucy Samuelian has the extensive knowledge to dress to impress. Whether it has been a social event or one for the corporate world, I have always been able to count on her to style me for success. Thank you Lucy Samuelian Personal Stylist."

~ Roze Bagoian

"It's important to always look good since I have to be in front of the camera on a daily basis for my job. I trust Lucy's advice because she knows how to style men and she knows how to mix-match pieces so that I don't have to go out and buy a new suit every week. Lucy can make me camera ready in ten minutes!"

~ Raffi Boghosian (MBC Hollywood - News Correspondent)

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