6 fabulous handbags under $550

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If you’re looking at a little bag for everyday earners look no further. Today’s blog is here for your struggles with giant bags that you take to the grocery store. Yes, I am talking to you! Like honestly who likes to carry their big tote with them everywhere? Not me… I love my cross-body’s they’re Read More

Perfect Hair Everyday

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Everything tends to get dry during this season, lips, skin, and of course hair. Finding the prefect balance to get the perfect hair, might just take more then just your regular shampoo and conditioner. Finding the perfect mask requires for it to restore and restructuring dry or damaged hair. The point of using a mask Read More

5 Great Ways For Your Perfect 2016 Skin


What’s great about today’s beauty gurus is that they think of everything possible for us to have clean skin. Literally everything such as face wash & cleanser, exfoliators, toners, makeup removers, cleansing brushes & tools. Just walk into a Sephora that should solve all your problems, but here are some of my  tips to help Read More

Start Your 2016 on The Right track!

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Almost everyone’s New Year Resolution is to get back in shape. Lets face it we all let ourselves go a bit when it comes to the holidays. We don’t do it on purpose it’s just natural… there is too much food around us we can’t help ourselves. That’s why since it’s all over, it’s time Read More

Recap of This Year

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This year has truly been an amazing one for me. I feel so blessed for having my family, friends, and of course you guys supporting me thru this year. I finally made my dream come true by creating my own jewelry line, putting my true vision out for the world to see. Not only that, Read More

8 Great Shoes to End Your Year Right!

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I hope everyone is having a great holiday! I sure enjoyed it with my family, friends, and of course all the shopping trips that made the process just so special. Now that Christmas is over, you gotta reward yourself for all that work you did right? At least that’s the way I see it….treat yourself girl! Read More

Five Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With

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Since I have been doing my stocking stuffer gift ideas for the past few days on my Facebook page, I have decided I wanted to do a little gifting guide to make every man’s life a bit easier . Classic all day every day: You really can’t go wrong with a classic signature handbag.  Gucci Read More

Your Holiday Clutch

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I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday so far! This season is all about family, friends, and of course shopping. Also don’t forget your holiday parties, I’ve been invited to some great parties so carrying the perfect clutch to fit all your goodies is important! Here are some of my favorite clutches what’s your Read More

The prefect bold lip for all your holiday parties

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Nothing completes a good look like a bold lip…Especially during winter. The darker colors always seem to come back in different trends, just look at the queen of lips Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. Here are some of my favorite lipsticks for the holidays, which color is your favorite?

The Perfect Highlighter

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Did you guys watch last night’s Victoria Secret fashion show? If you didn’t spoiler alert everyone looked like an angel literally!! From every piece of fashion, shoes, and of course beauty product… every moment was done to perfection. Every year I wait for the flawless beauty looks they have on, super natural yet kinda not! Read More